Nutracy Lifestyle - Hair Care Book

Hair Care Work Book

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About Health:
1. Causes of hair damage
2. How diet and hair are related?
3. Healthy hair diet key pointers
4. Food for hair
5. Supplements
6. Yoga for hair care.

There are so many factors that affect the health of hair these days. Some are external, but many are internal factors, which can be taken care by us well. Hence, we can change the way our hair looks and feel by changing our few habits and lifestyle. Here, there is a list of modifications you can include in your lifestyle for amazing hairs. The manual for the same includes the following:

  • Causes of hair damage
  • How diet and hair are related?
  • Healthy hair diet key pointers
  • Food for hair
  • Foods to avoid
  • Supplements
  • External hair care routine
  • Yoga for hair care.
  • Diet plan

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